The Story of the Popular Song

BBC Specialist Factual Bristol/Bravo Channel

Landmark, eight-episode series for BBC2 depicting 100 years of history of popular song, from the early pioneers to the rock'n'roll revolution and modern-day pop.

What's in a song? A work of art penned by genius or the cynical creation of a machine-age hack desperate to exploit our natural sentimentality? One thing is certain: the best songs have the ability to capture our dreams, emotions and aspirations unlike any other art form. The truly great songs continue to do this for millions of people the world over.

Walk On By tells the story of these great songs and the world that created them. The journey begins with Thomas Edison's first cylinder recordings and the birthplace of modern music - New York's legendary Tin Pan Alley, and continues through London's West End and New York's Broadway musical revivals of today, via the hugely diverse heritage of modern musical forms, from ragtime to hillbilly, rock to jazz, and punk to rap.




BAFTA AWARD Nomination:
Hugh Wheldon Award for Specialist Factual

Bronze Rose Award



Director: Andrew Graham-Brown

Editor: Rick Holbrook

Series Producer: William Naylor

Executive Producer: Michael Poole