The Insect Tribe of Papua New Guinea

Presented by Donal MacIntyre

A Tigress Production for Discovery Channel / Channel FIVE

This series is about what it's like to live at the very edge of existence - where every day is a struggle and mistakes are punished by death. In the past, Donal MacIntyre has proved his bravery. He has proved his mental and physical strength. But can he prove himself to people who take extreme hardship for granted?

In this episode, Donal spends two weeks with the remote Insect Tribe of Papua New Guinea who until recently were cannibals and head hunters. Now they turn their attention to hunting monstrous salt water crocodiles in swamps with spears and ambush-hunting wild and very dangerous boar in the jungle. Donal learns how to spear and gut crocodiles, shoot poison arrows and he even savors Betel Nut, a local delicacy that makes your mouth go red and mind go high as a kite.



Producer/Director: Andrew Graham-Brown

Photography: Robin Cox

Editor: Angelia Maddick

Executive producer: Dick Colthurst