10,000 YEAR WAR

AGB Films / BBC NHU / BBC Features Pilot

AGB Films, in conjunction with BBC NHU and BBC Features, produced a pilot for a landmark environmental history series with world historian, Felipe Fernández-Armesto.

This is the story of ambition: the human ambition to change nature. It's a radically new approach to history that explores our love-hate relationship with the natural world. We journey to every habitable environment on the planet and show where the balance of power lies between humankind and the rest of nature.

The basic urge to transform the planet is a large part of what makes us human. It's what makes us the most widely dispersed species on earth and the most disaster-prone.

Each episode spans a different environment, picking a path across the wreckage of history and today's ruins in waiting - past and present combining to help us read the future, or maybe the future we can avoid.

It is a tale of triumph: dazzling civilisations laboriously created in defiance of the hostile forces of climate and geography. It is a tale of tragedy: eco-systems wrecked by over exploitation; civilisations in ruins.

To tell our compelling story we introduce a new, witty and controversial voice to television: Felipe Fernandez-Armesto - an historian whose unique and original style has won many prestigious awards including The World History Association Book Prize, awarded by his peers for pioneering a new form of history: environmental history.




A superb storyteller …

He makes history a smart art…

He is in a class of his own….

The voice of reason…

Witty and sharply original…

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